Social contracting best practices were shared in Mykolaiv and Kherson

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Trainings on organization of provision of social services in the area of HIV response using budgetary funds were conducted in Kherson on April 02-03, and in Mykolaiv on April 11-12. These trainings were attended by the managers and representatives of health and social welfare sub-units of raion state administrations and city council executive committees, amalgamated communities, other offices and facilities of the Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts involved in the organization and provision of social services in the area of HIV response.

During the trainings, the participants were introduced to the practices of organization and provision of social services in the area of ​​HIV response in Mykolaiv and Kherson, they considered key legal aspects of the provision of social services, key steps and components of the process of organization and financing of social services, etc.

The training participants took an active part in discussions and practical exercises, including priority setting, preparation of a detailed description of social services, their costing. Of particular interest was the review of social services financing mechanisms – social contract, public procurement, selection of projects, public-private partnership.

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Maryna Marynych, Deputy Head of the Social Welfare Office of the Ochakiv raion, said: “Practical exercise has helped us to revise the components of the cost of social services, to understand how to reduce it without compromising the quality.”

“A meaningful, interesting, well-organized training. Quality and useful handouts. We plan to use samples of documents provided during the training”, said Olha Marikovska, Deputy Head of the Social Welfare Office of the Kryve Ozero raion.

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In total, 50 people participated in two trainings and received certificates of completion.

“We hope that we have managed to convey a message to the participants about the need of ​​providing social services to key populations and people living with HIV, and to build skills for identifying social service needs. The participants received a clear and consistent algorithm for the organization and financing of social services “, – summarizes Yaroslav Ziatiuk, Chair of the Administrative Council of the Kherson NGO “Association 21st Century “.



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Background. The trainings were conducted for the dissemination of best practices of the HIV Services Sustainability Pilots implemented in the Kherson oblast by the NGO “Association 21st Century” and in the Mykolaiv oblast by the NGO “Healthy Nation“, with the support of the USAID HIV Reform in Action Project.

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