Physicians and Heads of Raion State Administrations of Poltava Oblast Create Conditions for HIV Response


On April 24, a two-day training on building a sustainable model of provision of health services for key populations and people living with HIV at the local level was completed in Poltava.The purpose of the event was to build managerial capacity of the heads of administrations, health offices and facilities in the context of health reform.

The training was attended by heads of healthcare facilities, including primary health care centers, secondary health care facilities and deputy heads of Raion State Administrations who supervise health care issues in eight raions of the Poltava oblast.

“During the training, the participants learned how the provision of sustainable HIV services was linked to the current health reform, how those services would be financed and how key populations would be involved at the raion level. Decentralization and integration of HIV services will bring us closer to reducing the number of new HIV infections,” says Serhii Zhuk, Policy and Communication Manager of the NGO “Light of Hope”.


As part of the health reform in the pilot regions, namely in Poltava, Poltava raion and Kremenchuk, during the two years of the project implementation, a number of steps have been taken in line with the reform process: the decentralization of HCT, ART, and MAT services, possibility to receive all services in a “one-stop shop”.

“The training participants already understand that bringing HIV services closer to the patients should be done locally. Integration of HIV services at the raion level is very important since rapid testing by the primary care facilities will ensure early detection and reduce the incidence of the disease among the population,” said Oksana Kvachova, Senior Officer of the Health Office of the Kremenchuk City ​​Council Executive Committee.


“Now the heads of administrations and managers of healthcare facilities know that treatment and prevention of HIV are the matter of the entire community rather than AIDS Centers only. Through reallocation of health services for PLWH, decentralization and integration of HIV services we will be able to overcome the HIV epidemic in Ukraine,” said Iryna Tiutiunnyk, Head of the M&E Unit of the Poltava AIDS Center.

Background. The trainings were conducted for the dissemination of best practices of the HIV Services Sustainability Pilot in the Poltava oblast implemented by the NGO “Light of Hope” with the support of the USAID HIV Reform in Action Project.





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