Key public health system development issues were discussed at the conference in Uzhhorod


On May 17-18, 2018, Uzhhorod hosted the conference titled “Key issues of the public health system development in Ukraine”. The conference was attended by nearly 70 public health researchers and practitioners from all over Ukraine, including experts and leaders of the Public Health Center of MOH of Ukraine, experts of the USAID HIV Reform in Action (HIVRiA) Project, leading national experts; chairs of related departments of the academic facilities of Ukraine; managers and staff of the Regional PH Centers; representatives of international and national civil society organizations.“This is the second conference initiated by the Uzhhorod University in partnership with the Public Health Center of the MOH of Ukraine and HIVRiA Project. In the future, we plan to hold annual conferences since Ukraine is only at the beginning of the public health system development so many issues have to be professionally addressed and enshrined in strategic documents. And as a university, we would like to lead the national policy development in the field of public health training and research, ” said Ivan Myroniuk, Head of the Health and Physical Training Faculty of the Uzhhorod National University, MD, Professor.


At the conference, three important public health topics were discussed:

  1. Building HR capacity in the field of public health: structure, competencies, functions, needs, training.
  2. Key areas and methodology of public health research, sources of funding, researchers.
  3. Communication in public health.

The Human Resources for Health session that focused on public health education, standards and competencies has turned out to be the most interesting.


 Alisher Latypov, DCOP of the HIVRiA Project, said: “The conference is a platform where experts can discuss urgent matters related to the development of the health system and receive professional answers. During the reform, we need to focus on a wide range of issues, including:

- use of innovative approaches in the professional development system: special attention should be paid to interactive online courses, webinars, short-term training programs;

- provision of timely, accurate, complete information on human resources for health;

- improvement of the system of financial and non-financial incentives and motivation for public health workers;

- improvement of the legal framework in health.”


Today, the comprehensive implementation of the Public Health System Development Concept, the improvement of the effective and development of a new legislative framework, organizational support of the public health system both at the regional and national levels are extremely important. Equally important is the creation of a system of public health training for specialists who would be the change agents, and this primarily means the introduction of Public Health as specialty, task-shifting and reallocation of public health services at different levels, as well as mechanisms for cooperation with the health system in the context of reform.

The Conference resulted in the Resolution that will be communicated to all related entities responsible for the implementation of the public health policy in Ukraine.

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