Methodology for selecting acute care hospitals (ACH) developed

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Since November 2017, the USAID HIV Reform in Action (HIVRiA) Project has been providing support to the Chortkiv Hospital Council (Ternopil oblast) for elaborating a multi-year Chortkiv Hospital District development plan. As part of this activity, the HIVRiA Project developed the Methodology for selecting acute care hospitals and tested it in the Chortkiv Hospital District. The Methodology includes:

– Hospital District overview: demography and incidence, physical assets and healthcare personnel

– rapid assessment of a healthcare facility’s (HCF) ability to serve as an ACH

– HCF access assessment (mapping of 60-min access options)

– modeling optimal selection of facilities to be transformed into ACHs (based on HCF rapid assessment results, accessibility and compliance with ACH criteria for number of births, strokes).

To ensure the application of the methodology, electronic tools have been developed that provide rapid collection and analysis of data with convenient visualization.

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On April 24, 2018, the HIVRiA Project presented the Methodology in Ternopil for local authorities and healthcare facilities of the Ternopil oblast. Based on the results of the assessment of nine HCFs, five ACH options were identified for the Chortkiv hospital district (from 1 to 4 HCFs, different mixes), with advantages and disadvantages per each proposed option. The results of the assessment were shared with the chief physicians of nine HCFs of the Chortkiv Hospital District, as well as with the Chortkiv Hospital Council for making proposals to related local councils.

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